Hospitality .

Deco Art Hospitality division offers the best components in terms
of fabrics and mechanisms to satisfy all customer needs.

The dual roller system, which consists of roller screen and blackout blinds, which will help maintain greater privacy and energy savings. Also we have the privatt system, which is constituted of two lateral channels that do not enter the light through the lateral spaces of the blinds, where it does not cover the fabric. It is also complemented by a special counterweight so that it can move correctly along the channels and to finish, a fascia that covers the mechanisms at the top to prevent the entrance of light and thus the room is totally obscure. These blinds have a special clutch which supports rough use and also carry special chains that are attached to the wall to prevent accidents with children.

Residential .

Deco Art Residential Division offers a wide selection
in fabrics and colors to satisfy all your needs.

We have Zebra Blinds , roller screen and roller blinds.

Child-safety components.

Variety in fascias and valance.

Best quality in components and fabrics.

Commercial .

Deco Art Commercial division offers the best components and fabrics, in several colors, textures and openness.

A wide variety of fabrics and components to satisfy all the needs of our client.

Child-safety components.

Variety in fascias and valance.

Special clutch which supports rough use.